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Any interventions undertaken as part of conservation or restoration work are done so with the greatest of consideration for the original material. In so doing, the extent of all conservation steps to be carried out is limited to those that are deemed absolutely necessary, in a bid to preserve both sentimental as well as material value. The approach taken is based, on the one hand, upon many years professional practice, and on the other upon the critical engagement with analytical results and relevant sources appertaining to the object to be conserved.


Expert advice is given on the basis of the current condition of the object to be investigated, and is precisely defined by means of scientific analysis alongside graphic, photographic and written evidence. Depending on the matter in hand, advice given can relate to specific single items or (for example, in preparation for a tendering process) to the wooden fittings of entire building complexes.


project and restoration planning

condition survey and reports (photographic and written reports, CAD drawing)

investigation of polichrome surfaces ( cross section, Vis Uv interpretation,)



expertise, cost estimate

quality assurance

sample, reference objects


conservation restoration

attention to the value and problems of the objects

appropriate steps regards to the problem to solve 

old techniques knowledge

traditonal and up to date conservation and restoration knowledge

work together with other conservation´s experts


material : wood, ivory, bone, tortoise shell, horn, motherperl, and varius policrome techniques